I have an established profile within the areas of Drawing Practice and Drawing research, my PhD (completed in 2012) investigated the role of eye movements within drawing. My interest in the neuro-biology of the eye led to a consideration of certain eye movements as, in essence, a metaphorical mark.  This was investigated through collaborative experiments both within and beyond scientific domains,  using the latest eye-tracking technologies.

During  the same time period I was invited to be be  resident at a cutting-edge clinical research imaging centre. This brought about a shift in my practice  with my research becoming more focused on hidden disease and illness and the impact such conditions, and associated diagnostic imaging, can have on everyday lives.


I have considerable experience of working collaboratively with scientists and I am a firm believer in interdisciplinarity both within the context of contemporary fine art, research and pedagogically across all creative disciplines. 


My current work utilises photography and photographic printmaking alongside video work with patients as I employ the most effective method for producing my issue driven practice. This impacts on audience engagement as a key agenda within making.