The images shown here are from work started in 2015/6. They are film stills that have been developed from a video piece titled Waiting which is currently subject to the addition of a soundtrack based on the sounds of diagnostic processes including MRI sequences plus layered voices from the participants, their families and close friends [see moving image section]. 

This work investigates what it means to wait for clinical investigations and medical diagnosis. Some of the participants featured have medical illnesses including Cancer, Scoliosis and Autonomic Disorders. Also featured in the footage are members of their family who wait with them. 

We are all likely to have been touched by illness or disease whether personally or through the life of someone we care about. Waiting is a critical part of this, often, stressful time: waiting for diagnosis, tests, scans, results, follow-ups, waiting for the right time to tell others...

The UNDER THE SKIN project explores ways of manifesting the impact of diagnostic imagery of the family unit. Waiting explores the pressure of the often, solitary wait, participants simply held their breath until the pressure to breathe became overwhelming, with no voice, they break the surface, only for another to sink again to continue the endless cycle of waiting. 


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